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Man set to face trial after shooting four dogs

The dogs were being cared for by the man's wife dog-angry
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Philip Taylor, from Ohio, USA, is awaiting trial after shooting four dogs. The animals were boarding at his wife Teresa's grooming and daycare service when things took a turn for the worst.

By Ashley Murphy , 9 Jun 2019

 The couple were dog sitting when an argument broke out. After Philip began making threats towards his wife's life, she decided to leave the house for her own safety. 

Some very disturbing messages

However, she soon received some very disturbing messages from her husband. Theresa said:

“He just kept texting me and telling me that he was killing my dogs, and if I wanted to save them I’d have to come back and let him take me.”

Philip then shot and killed the four dogs, including a therapy pup named Lily. Randy Beck was one of Lilly's owners. He said:

"My wife was just...was really upset. I wish [Theresa] would have come and said ‘Hey I’m having personal problems, maybe don’t bring the dog in for grooming.’ Had she done that we wouldn’t have brought Lily in and she’d be alive today.”

Theresa is struggling to rebuild her business after the tragedy, but she’s determined to continue her doggy daycare and grooming service. She posted the following message on her Facebook page: 

"My world is broken, but today I will start a new life. And I am taking all of you with me. If I didn't get to your message last night. This is your return message. Everything at the salon is normal. The dogs at my house have been murdered by my now EX-husband, and I lost 4 of the most precious little souls in the world. I will never be the same. But I will be stronger."

Justice will be served

Philip Taylor was released on bail and is set to return to the court soon. In the meantime, he was ordered to have no contact with his wife and surrender all firearms.