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Finn's Law: it's now ILLEGAL to harm police dogs

Britain's Got Talent finalists make it illegal to hurt police dogs
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From Saturday, it’ll be illegal to injure a police dog or horse - and it’s all thanks to a campaign from the incredible BGT contestant Dave Wardell and his beloved dog Finn.

By Alice Lang , 7 Jun 2019

Police dogs are currently considered ‘force property’ - which means it’s not deemed unlawful to hurt them. Seems crazy, right? Well, thankfully, one ex-policeman and his ex-service dog are changing that for good.

Finn was brutally stabbed in service

Hero-dog Finn was fiercely stabbed and beaten whilst protecting his handler, PC David Wardell, back in 2016. Finn very nearly lost his life and suffered horrendous, unimaginable injuries. But the suspect was merely charged with criminal damage - a seemingly meagre charge for attacking an innocent service animal.

But, as it turns out, this is considered acceptable. After all, animals are merely the property of the police force - and so, the charges available for those who killed or injured police animals are pretty restricted. Yup, it’s complete madness.

But Dave is changing things for the better

‘Fur-tunately’ for police dogs, Finn’s law was passed by parliament back in April and will come into action this coming Saturday, 8th June.

From then, defendants will be unable to claim self-defence and could face up to 5 years in prison for harming police animals.

On the Finn’s Law website, PC Dave Wardell says: "‘I hope you agree that is not acceptable, Finn isn’t a plant pot or window and should not be treated as such.

This has been an incredible but testing journey, however, it has been such a joy to be a part of, we have met people from all walks of life with a common interest, to ensure police animals are protected while serving their community.

Finn has attended every single stage at Parliament and is quite a feature there now. He has made many friends throughout this journey and I'm sure he won't forget a single one.

I'm proud of my best friend, he has certainly gone down in history. He has turned such a horrendous event into something so positive, his legacy will never be forgotten by his furry colleagues.”


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