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New York first state to BAN horrific cat declawing procedure

New York bans cat declawing cat-wow
© Photo by Iz & Phil - Unsplash

Veterinary groups have been fighting for a ban for years - and now, New York could be the first American state to outlaw the outrageous procedure of cat declawing.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 08/06/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

It’s great news for feline-fanatics! A new bill may be passed in New York which will ban the cosmetic or aesthetic declawing of cats.

A ‘clawful’ procedure

Generally, declawing cats is done out of sheer convenience to the owner, often leading to uncomfortable complications for the kitty. As well as being an intensely painful procedure, declawed cats regularly experience an increase in biting and litter-box avoidance post-op. This often means they end up being dumped back at a shelter. Awful, huh?

“It’s unnecessary, it’s painful, and it causes the cat problems,” said Ms Linda Rosenthal, who is Mum to two cats, to NY Times.“It’s just brutal.”

But they’re awaiting the signature of one man

The bill is now in the hands of one single man - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo - who, last Tuesday, stated that he and his office would ‘review’ it. If he passes the bill, anyone who declaws their cat for anything other than medical reasons will face a $1,000 fine. Quite right, too!

“It’s the equivalent of severing a finger at the first knuckle,” said State Senator Michael N. Gianaris. “It’s said that a society can be judged by the way it treats its animals, and by allowing this practice to continue, we have not been setting a good example. Today we can move that in the right direction.”

However, the bill doesn’t come without its opposition. The New York Veterinary Medical Society claims that: “Cats that would lose their home if not declawed face a higher risk of euthanasia than if their owner were able to care for them. They also exchange a life of comfort and care to potentially spend years in conditions that may be far from ideal for long-term living.”

In the UK, it is illegal to de-claw cats under section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

But we truly hope the bill moves forward in the US and that New York's cats won't have to go through the gruelling declawing procedure anymore.