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Dogs accidentally TRAPPED inside car on a hot day

Dogs locked inside hot car dog-happy
© Wareham Fire Station - Facebook

When an owner accidently locked his keys and his dogs inside his car on a sunny day, he called for help immediately. His beloved pups were at risk of developing a fatal heatstroke.

By Alice Lang , 7 Jun 2019

We all know you shouldn’t leave dogs inside a car for long - especially when it's hot or sunny outside. But what if you did it by accident?

Two dogs were locked inside a hot car

Last weekend, firefighters were called out to assist a driver who had accidentally locked their keys inside their car. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been - if the dogs weren’t locked inside there too.

The car was located at Lawsons Clump car park in Sandford in the county of Dorset. Although the car was in the shade when the incident occurred, the sun was moving and would soon be burning bright on the car.

Speaking on a Facebook post, Wareham Fire Station said: "It was agreed with the owner to break the front passenger window to gain access. As you can see from the photo both dogs were safe and well, even taking time out to have a photo with our newest firefighter."


?SHOUT? Date: 01/06/2019 Time: 11:30hrs On Saturday we were asked to assist a member of the public who had...

Posted by Wareham Fire Station on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Think it’s okay to leave your pup in the car? Think again!

If the two lovely pups pictured above had still been stuck in the car when the sun had moved around, this could have been a very unhappy ending.

When a dog is locked in a car, especially on a hot spring or summer day, it’s likely to be extremely uncomfortable and could quickly develop heatstroke. In its worst cases, heatstroke in dogs can kill - in fact, this has happened hundreds, if not thousands, of times already. Poor pups!

So, while it may be tempting to leave your pup in the car while you have coffee with a friend for an hour, or whilst you do the weekly shop, do think twice. On a warm day, it’s not worth leaving your pooch alone in the car for any amount of time.

If you do have to leave them in there for a few minutes whilst you run an errand, make sure to open all the windows slightly and ensure the car is in the shade. It’s best to keep a spare water bowl in the car and fill that up, too!