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Cute kitty, once the runt of the litter, is now an adventure cat

runt of the litter is now an Adventure Cat cat-happy
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The tiniest kitten, the runt in the litter, had lacked attention from her mother. Since she has been adopted, she sees life from a different perspective and is now an adventure cat.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 07/06/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

When this teeniest kitten was at the animal shelter, she weighed only 0.02 lbs. Her feline parent had neglected her badly, failing to teach her how to clean her fur and care for herself. It was obvious to the couple that came to the shelter that they had to adopt this runt of the litter.


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Runt of the litter fits well into family life

Bogdan and his girlfriend took the small kitten home, where Laban, their other family cat, helped to show the weakling how to care for herself. The couple named the tiny kitten Stinkie, mainly because of her smell when they first met her. Although Stinkie was quite weak and was supposed to be fed using a syringe, she soon showed how strong she was by learning to lap and eat by herself.


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Cute cat takes a shine to her foster dad

During a period when Bogdan’s girlfriend had to leave for a while to go away to work, the kitten’s care fell to her foster dad. Feeding the cute kitty every day, stroking and petting her, the pair soon became inseparable. Bogdan even raised Stinkie to become a shoulder cat, with her snuggling into his body whenever she got the chance to be close. The fluffy kitten, once the runt of the litter, was stealing a tiny piece of his heart.


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Kitten is now an adventure cat

As Stinkie grew, she would follow Bogdan everywhere, close at his heels. Bogdan thought it would be a cute idea to take the kitty on outdoor adventures with him, beginning with short walks around the streets, wearing a cat harness of course.

Their expeditions led them further afield, with visits to New York, Philadelphia, Fire Island and to the Hamptons. Stinkie soon adapted to being outdoors and loves every excursion they go on together.


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Of course, at home after their adventures, Stinkie loves nothing better than to cuddle into Bogdan, climbing onto his shoulder, which is her most comfortable position, right next to her most loyal friend, her human dad.


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Carry me Hooman!! ? would your cat be down with this? Video via @stinkanyc (profile linked in comments) www.pawsomecouture.com/fb

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