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Forever kitten: Meet Widdle, the kitty who will NEVER grow

The ginger dwarf kitten who will never get bigger cat-wow
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This ginger forever-kitten will NEVER grow. But what he lacks in size, he definitely makes up for in personality...

By Alice Lang

Published on the 08/06/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

An adorable male kitten and his sister’s lives were changed forever when they were rescued by the Kitten Inn, a shelter in New Zealand.

But as soon as the staff got acquainted with the adorable fur-babies, one thing was very clear - the boy was significantly smaller than the girl and most other kittens his age.

Still, they thought he’d catch up some day - after all, he had been out on the streets.


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Little in height, big on love

They called the tiny kitty Widdle and soon started to see an amazing personality develop. Despite his tiny size, Widdle had bags of love and affection to share. His energy was endless and he’d meow for cuddles all the time - and, of course, give them out by the dozen!

Jessie, a vet nurse, took the duo home to foster. The cuddles continued - in fact, Widdle spent most of his day snuggled up on Jessie’s shoulder! But Jessie had an inkling something wasn’t quite right with the petite feline. Yes, he was small - but as time went on, he also didn’t seem to be getting any bigger.


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Speaking to Love Meow, Jessie said: "I fostered him for months while he didn't really grow. His sister and foster siblings all grew as normal and were returned to find new homes. Widdle stayed and stayed. He wriggled his little orange way into our hearts and souls."

But Widdle has a rare condition

As it turns out, there’s a reason behind Widdle’s tiny frame.


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"His symptoms point strongly towards a type of dwarfism called panhypopituitarism." Jessie said.

This means he’ll stay tiny forever - but Jessie certainly doesn’t mind. In fact, she loves him so much, that she’s decided to keep him.

"He is a shoulder cat through and through, to everyone - whether they like it or not. He is the happiest little critter and very relaxed and loving. He hops onto everyone's shoulder so he can be tall. He is my pride and joy. He's still small enough to fit on a shoulder just right! I can't walk into the living room without being perched,".


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