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A kind family took this starving cat in but what happened next shocked them

Stray cats turns up at doosteps and ends up being pregnant cat-happy
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When a stray female cat turned up on a family’s porch, they assumed she was hungry. But it turns out, the kitty had 5 babies on the way and was asking for their help…

By Alice Lang

Published on the 06/06/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

If you’re a cat lover, we bet you’d love nothing more than for a kitty turn up on your doorstep for help. I mean, cuddles with an adorable fur-baby isn’t exactly the worst thing that could happen!

And that’s exactly what happened to this feline-loving family. But what they didn’t expect was to find 5 adorable kittens as part of the package…

She was done with life on the streets...

Stefany and her Mum, Johanna, who live in Montreal, have looked after stray cats in their neighbourhood for years on end. Whenever they’ve found one a happy forever home, another one seems to turn up.

This time, it was a sweet but shy grey and white adult female cat which toddled up to their home. Once the cat-crazy duo offered her some food, she lapped it up without a care in the world.

Initially, they didn’t take the seemingly healthy kitty into the home but did make sure to feed her every day. Whenever someone was in the house, the cat would chirp away as if to request her daily meal - yup, the cheeky feline had definitely run into a stroke of luck!

But, like the altruistic souls they are, the family soon took her in. Setting up a humane trap outside, it took just minutes for her to calmly walk right in - it was as if she was saying: “Cheers, guys! I’m totally done with this street life - so, who’s for a cuppa and some afternoon TV?”.

...and it turns out, she was expecting!

The duo quickly realised why the cat was so keen to find food and shelter - she was pregnant!

They reached out to a local rescue shelter for help, who found an experienced volunteer to take the soon-to-be kitty mother, who they named Sookie, in.


Des nouvelles de Sookie, 2 ans, errante et enceinte. Sookie est arrivée avec nous et elle va bien, elle est bien...

Posted by Chatons Orphelins Montréal - COM - Réseau d'entraide, sauvetages, adoptions on Monday, May 27, 2019

But, guess what? After just 1 day in her foster home, Sookie went into labour.

Speaking to Love Meow, rescue centre staff said: "We knew she was going to give birth soon but didn't expect it would happen so fast. Soon after she settled in her room, her foster mom, Melissa, was surprised to discover five little babies with her."

"The smaller kittens can't latch very well. Thankfully, they have their foster mom who syringe-feeds them every day to help them thrive."

The kittens are now safe, healthy, warm and growing by the day. Their mother, Sookie, hit a pot of gold by landing upon Stefany and her Mum’s doorstep. She and her kittens can now find a loving fur-ever home instead of living life on the streets!