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Woman gets unbelievable call five years after losing her deaf dog

Owner reunited with deaf dog after being missing for five years dog-happy
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Five years ago, Janece Parsons was separated from two of her dogs when she was visiting a property in Upton, Kentucky. Her dog Leia was startled by a noise from a nearby shooting range, and ran off. Frightened by the commotion, Janece's other dog, a blind Jack Russell named Army, ran off with Leia as well.

By Dawn Parrish , 5 Jun 2019

Both dogs were never to be seen again, until...

Five years later

Luckily, the family kept the microchips on their dogs up to date, but still they didn’t hear anything about their missing pets. Janece actually missed her lovely dogs so much, that she bought another pooch, named Roxie.

However, they recently had some amazing news! Army, her deaf dog, had been found. When she took a call from the Hardin County Animal Shelter, Janece couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Who would have thought that five years after he went missing, she was going to be reunited with her deaf dog.

Only one dog is found

Sadly, there is no sign of her second dog, Leia. Despite having a similar microchip, no further details have been heard about her other missing pet. Staff at the Hardin County Animal Shelter stressed the importance of always getting your dog a microchip. Its also vitally important to keep your details, such as home address and contact telephone number up to date.

Army, the deaf dog returns home after five years

When Janece went to the dog shelter to collect Army, their reunion was quite emotional. Even though he is now sixteen years old, is quite deaf and has arthritis, he is settling back into his old home once again. He now has a new playmate, Roxie, the replacement pet dog, but the two are getting along famously, sharing tummy rubs.

Army the deaf dog, is certainly lucky that his family never gave up hope of finding him one day!