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Man discovers what's blocking the trash disposal and immediately calls the vet

Kitten found encased in spray foam in a trash can cat-angry
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Thankfully, a caring garbage disposal officer spotted the young kitten in the rubbish bin. The unlucky feline had experienced terrible cruelty at the hands of malicious humans.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 05/06/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

He had been trying to use the hydraulic arm to empty the bin but couldn’t shake the rubbish out into the garbage truck. When the sanitation worker looked closer, he noticed that the blockage was actually a tiny kitten enclosed in spray foam. Its head and paws were encased in the white, hard foam and his tiny legs were held stiff, unable to move them.

Discovery of such a horrific sight

The sanitation office knew that the young kitten was still alive as he could hear soft whining noises. He knew that he had to act fast if he was to save this little kitten’s life. He picked up the cat and rushed it back to the office of Hillsboro Garbage Disposal company in Oregan.

Once there, he and his co-workers attempted to clean the spray foam off from the kitten’s body. Using razor blades and very gentle movements, they managed to scrape off most of the hardened foam before they rushed the kitten to the vet’s surgery.

Urgent medical treatment is needed to help kitten

Dr Diane Healey, one of the vets at the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic examined the kitten who had been encased in spray foam. She found it was a male kitten, around only 8 weeks old.

Although the tiny cat looked like something out of a Halloween horror show when it arrived at the surgery, once he was cleaned up, he looked much better. He is thought to be a feral kitten, from a litter of felines that frequented the blocks of flats near the area where he was found.

Police officers from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were shocked to report this dreadful and cruel crime against such a small, helpless kitten.

This kitten has certainly used up one of his nine lives!

Garbage Collector Rescues Kitten from Trash

Media Release: Garbage Collector Rescues Kitten Encased in Spray Foam in Trash On May 3, 2019, Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to reports of a kitten trapped inside a garbage can at Hillsboro Garbage Disposal on SW Minter Bridge Road in unincorporated Washington County, just south of Hillsboro. A garbage collector was working to empty a trash can at a property on SW Minter Bridge Road, just north of the Hillsboro Garbage Disposal location. While trying to empty the can using a hydraulic arm, the driver noticed the contents of the can were not emptying. Upon further inspection, he noticed a small cat, encased in spray foam, hanging upside down from its back legs. The driver knew the cat was still alive because he could hear it whining. The driver took the garbage can back to the Hillsboro Garbage Disposal facility where shop staff worked together to remove the 8-week-old male kitten from the spray foam and take it to a local veterinarian for care. The trash can comes from a property with multiple structures, including two residences and several rented outbuildings. The kitten likely belongs to one of two different feral cats that live on the property, both with litters of kittens. With all the people coming and going from the property, it’s unclear who may be responsible for this act of animal cruelty. The kitten is recovering at Washington County Animal Services’ Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter and is expected to make a full recovery. The cat will be returned to its owners once the investigation is completed. If anyone has any tips, please contact Cpl. Brandon Talbott at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office by calling 503-846-2700. Full release: bit.ly/2HqPGwI

Posted by Washington County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 15, 2019