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Pet owners willing to go to any lengths to get the perfect Instagram shot

Pet owners alter their pet's body shape using protein shakes dog-cat-sad
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Dog owners admit to feeding their pets protein shakes and diet pills to 'improve' their looks and increase their popularity on social media.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 05/06/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

A recent survey by MoreThan insurance company, shows that many dog owners admit to giving their pets human supplements in a bid to make them more Instagrammable.

Pet owners willing to go to any lengths to get the perfect shot

In the early days of social media, it was quite acceptable to take a pic of your cute pet with a bow around his neck or even him just lounging on the sofa. These days however, its all about the dog’s body shape that’s needed to create the perfect image.

A new trend is seeing pet owners bulking up their dog’s muscles using protein shakes and feeding them cereal bars in a bid to lose weight and look a bit sleeker. They want their pets to look more impressive on Instagram.

Large number of pet owners are giving dogs protein shakes

The MoreThan survey concludes that one in 20 pet owners in the UK have previously fed their dog or cat a protein supplement. While 21 percent expected these shakes and bars to improve their pet’s stamina, 35 percent understood that it would make their dog healthier.

Many pet owners admitted that they use internet research to diagnose the health of their cat or dog and in some cases relying on advice from others on social media.


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Troubling trend will cause pet health problems

The mere fact that many pet owners admit to giving their dogs over-the-counter protein shakes and other products intended for human consumption, is quite worrying. This survey just proves how far people are willing to go to ensure that their pet is Instagrammable!


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It isn’t recommended to give any dogs, cats, or other pets for that matter, any medicines, health products or supplements intended for humans. There is a huge risk of potential health implications and the possibility that your pet may have a negative reaction to many of these medicines and supplements.


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No social media image is worth risking your dog’s health for, in any circumstances.


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