Dog adventure park opens in England’s northwest, fun ensues

Dog fun galore at new Unleashed dog adventure park in Cheshire. dog-happy © Unleashed Wrenbury - Instagram

A new adventure park for dogs has opened in Cheshire, and its reputation is fast spreading around the playground.

By G. John Cole

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As the summer approaches, parents across the UK will be thinking of exciting new places to take their children. But what about dogs, for whom every day of the year is a summer holiday?

Cheshire dog-lover Jess Fleet has a suggestion: acres of countryside dotted with lakes, woods, and obstacle courses.

Leashes off

Such a place now exists: and it is called Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods. (The o’s in woods are styled with dog paw prints).

The 3-acre “secured off lead adventure park for dogs” opened in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire at the end of May, complete with obstacles: tyres, tunnels, and tree stumps adapted for dogs to crawl and climb on.

And it’s all thanks to the astonishing Ms. Fleet:

“We've had the land in our family for a while and it's an idea I've always had,” she told CheshireLive. “I've always had dogs - my Springer Spaniel loves the water.”

Dogs can turn up for a general run about or book in for a ‘socialisation session’ with other dogs of a similar size. It’s £6 for one dog, £9 for two, or £12 for three to four, and the sessions last 90 exhausting minutes.

Being based around a country house, there is of course a dress code: dogs must be collared or harnessed and tagged. Owners can wear what they like, but are recommended to bring appropriate footwear.

The first rule of Dog Club

Owners are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their dogs while adventuring around Unleashed, so a number of rules have been established for the good of all involved.

For example, there’s a three dogs per adult-human rule, so the place won’t be overrun by professional dogwalkers and their unwieldy (if very lovely) packs. Female dogs on heat are not allowed, and humping is to be kept to a minimum.

Despite this, fun - of course - is mandatory.


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