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Video shows amazing inter-species friendship

Cat play fights with German Shepherd dog-cat-happy
© OldManStino - Youtube

If at first glance it looks like they’re fighting, think again! This adorable duo is exactly what you need to brighten up your day!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 04/06/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

At first, when this family adopted a tiny ginger tabby named Bleu, it looked like things were going to get complicated.

An uninvited guest

Beck, the dog of the house, was not so pleased about the new arrival. The German Shepherd dog even seemed stressed in the kitten’s presence, heavily panting and acting restless.

The owners of the cat and dog had to take every necessary precaution. They started by keeping the kitty crated if the dog was in the same room, so they would slowly get accustomed to each other’s presence. Next, they used positive reinforcement to encourage a friendly relationship. Every time Beck was gentle with his kitty sibling, he was rewarded with a delicious piece of kibble.

Playmates for life

As time went on, Beck realised that though this little fluff ball was very curious indeed, all it wanted to do was play! And what more could Beck ask for than a great play mate?

And so, a very special friendship was born. The two can often be found play-fighting, chasing each other, or cuddling when it’s time for a nap. Not only has Beck become Bleu’s protector, but he has also become his best friend. An unexpected turn for a couple that started on the shaky side! Check out their adorable video, it is sure to turn your slow weekday around!