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Dysart opens 'barkery' for dogs

Baked goodies for dogs dog-happy
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The owners of a bakery have sectioned off part of their café to cater for dogs. The aptly-named Dysart ‘Barkery’ is already proving a hit with local dog lovers.

By Nick Whittle , 3 Jun 2019

The owners of the Dysart Coffee Cabin in Fife have opened up a Barkery on their premises, and trade is good. Fife Today reports that the concept of a separate doggy café – the brainchild of two local residents – has found a market hitherto untapped.

Sarah Miekle and Mike Diamond, who have owned and managed the local coffee house since 2015 decided about a month ago to section off part of the floor space to cater for dogs and their owners.

The Dysart Barkery offers food and play space for dogs, and somewhere for their owners to relax too.


The barkery has proved a hit among locals and dog walkers who trek with their animals along the famous Scottish coastal path just 100 metres away.

We have always been a dog friendly shop,’ Ms Miekle told Fife Today, ‘and we get a lot of dogs coming in with people who are walking the Fife Coastal Path which is very near to us.’

Treats on offer for dogs include birthday cakes and canine snacks made in-house by Miekle. The treats are made from, ‘special flour which is suitable for dogs and adding vegetable oil and natural flavourings such as peanut butter, honey and blueberries.’

Rising popularity

Popularity is growing among locals and visitors alike. Over the course of the last month the pair estimates they have had 40-50 dogs use the Barkery's facilities.


There are a growing number of dog-friendly premises around the country,' said Miekle, ‘and we thought it would be good to introduce a range of dog snacks so that they can enjoy a treat along with their owners.'

We often get people walking the Coastal Path coming in for some lunch and they will see that we have the dog biscuits and buy a few for their pet and maybe buy a couple to take away with them,' added Mr Diamond.