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Grab the pup-corn: Jack Whitehall to star in canine-themed blockbuster

Jack Whitehall to star in Clifford the Big Red Dog dog-happy
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It’s confirmed - comedian Jack Whitehall will take the lead adult role in new canine-themed Hollywood blockbuster, Clifford The Big Red Dog.

By Alice Lang , 1 Jun 2019

You might know him from the likes of TV series Fresh Meat or Bad Education - or maybe just his howl-inducing stand up comedy.

But now, the incredible British comedian, Jack Whitehall, will now be taking a lead role in a new film about - wait for it - dogs!

Grab the pup-corn

The new hit movie is based on a humongous red dog (hence the title!) and his unique adventures. Jack will lead as Uncle Casey, who’ll help Clifford the dog and Emily, an 8-year-old girl, on the adventure of their lives.

It will all start with Emily, who struggles to fit in at school, come across Clifford, a tiny red pup who quickly becomes her partner in crime. But when Clifford experiences a magical growth spurt (in fact, a gigantic growth spurt), he attracts the attention of a genetics company.

Jack, as Casey, will help Emily and Clifford to ‘fight the forces of greed’ as they adventure across New York City.

According to, producers say: "Along the way, Clifford affects the lives of everyone around him and teaches Emily and her uncle the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love."

Sounds like a lovely film, huh? We can't wait to find out more! Filming will begin in July,directed by Walt Becker - but you’ll have to wait until November of 2020 to set your eyes on it.


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