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Distressed dogs left without food or water when owner went on holiday

Two dogs left without food or water for two weeks when owner went abroad dog-angry
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An owner of two greyhounds appears to have gone on holiday, leaving his pets behind. After more than a week, concerned neighbours worried about the dogs being left home alone, and called for help.

By Dawn Parrish , 1 Jun 2019

Police and RSPCA animal welfare officers attended the home, where it seems the dogs have had nothing to eat or drink ever since their owner went abroad.

Concerns raised about the dogs’ welfare

An investigation has been launched by the authorities into possible animal cruelty. The owner of the two abandoned greyhounds, Leon Taylor, has been living alone at the house, in Sandon, Herts, ever since his partner and children left last year.

It seems that Mr Taylor did ask that his friend call at his home when he went abroad on holiday, to feed and walk the dogs. It’s reported that this friend lost his house key, but despite trying to contact Mr Taylor at the airport, at the end of the day, the two dogs, named Fortitude and Fortunia, were left without food or water for more than a week.

Two greyhounds left home alone
Two greyhounds left home alone without anything to eat or drink©Pixabay

Dog owner is under investigation

Police are looking into the alleged neglect of these two distressed canines. When they were rescued from the property, they were covered in sores and obviously showing signs of lack of proper care. Since their release, they are now being cared for by RSPCA officers.

It appears that to date, Leon Taylor, the dogs’ owner, has not been in touch to either ask after their welfare, or to make arrangements to take them home. He seems to have lots of personal problems at the moment, but this is certainly no reason to neglect his dogs.


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If anyone is concerned about the welfare of any dogs, or indeed other animals in their locality, please contact the RSPCA at any time of the day to ask for advice.


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