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Dramatic rescue of Cockapoo fallen from a Cornwall Cliff sparks public outrage

Cockapoo rescued after Cornwall cliff fall dog-angry
© H. M. Coastguard Portreath Rescue Team - Facebook

A huge debate is escalating among dog owners about the necessity to keep all dogs on leads when near to clifftops.

By Dawn Parrish , 31 May 2019

This follows the very lucky escape by a pet Cockapoo who fell over the edge of a steep cliff in Portreath, on the North coastline in Cornwall. The debate questions whether search and rescue teams should be involved in saving animals, especially where the owner hasn’t taken due care with their dog in the vicinity of these treacherous cliffs.

Dramatic rescue of Cockapoo after Cornwall cliff fall

The St Agnes Inshore Lifeboat crew and St Agnes HM Coastguard Rescue Team from Portreath, were summoned to an emergency call after the Cockapoo fell down the cliff face. Dramatic pictures taken by onlookers at the scene show that the dog had fallen around 300 feet to the bottom of the cliffs.

The rescuers made sure the area was safe and then lowered one of their team precariously down the rock face, to reach the injured dog. Using a purpose made dog bag to hold the injured Cockapoo, both were winched back up to safety.

The injured dog was handed over to its owners who immediately rushed the Cockapoo to the vet’s surgery.

Dogs on leads debate escalates

After HM Coastguard’s Portreath Rescue Team posted images of the dog’s rescue on social media, many responses from members of the public made their feelings known.

Some questioned why the search and rescue teams, many of who are volunteers, should give up their free time and to place themselves in danger, to rescue a dog who has been allowed to run free and off the lead. Others questioned how irresponsible many dog owners are, with no thought to how easy it is for an accident to happen so close to the Cornwall cliffs.

In many locations there are limited signs giving warnings about the steep cliff drops and in some places there are no fences to keep the dogs away from the edge.

Cockapoo owes his life to these hero rescuers

Certainly, without the kindness, care and compassion of everyone who works for these search and rescue teams, in this case the Cockapoo wouldn’t have survived. Everyone who saw the amazing rescue and indeed members of the public who read of this accomplishment on social media, praised the amazing crew.

Dog owners must be more aware when walking along coastal paths and always keep your animal on a lead!