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Canine-crazy Essex woman owns a whopping 22 dogs

Essex woman lives with 22 dogs dog-wow
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A dog-loving British woman now owns a whopping 22 pups in her Essex home.

By Alice Lang , 2 Jun 2019

If you're a dog lover, you might believe that 'too many dogs' just isn't a thing. But after you see this mega-dog household, you might just change your mind...

Becky is canine-crazy

Becky, a 33-year-old dog trainer from Rochford in Essex, keeps a huge 22 pooches within her own home. As a dog trainer, she found herself unable to part ways with some of dogs she trained, and also ended up fostering for a romanian dog shelter.

From Jack Russells to Labradors, Becky has to work full-time just to cover the costs of keeping her dogs, which amounts to over £300 just for food. According to The Daily Mail, she even banishes her husband to the spare room so that her dogs can sleep soundly in the master bedroom - with her.

But she wouldn't change it for the world

In a YouTube video, Becky explains:

"Basically, I started off just with a couple and we took them in. Then I was dog training, and people couldn't keep up with what I told them to do and the dogs ended up coming to live with me. Then, we ended up fostering for a romanian rescue. We got some traumatised dogs and some older ones that just ended up staying. It just amounted to a massive amount of animals."

In the video, Becky explains that people are horrified at the fact she owns 22 dogs and don't understand how she copes. But she says:

"I'll be honest with you, coping with 22 dogs is easier than coping with 1. Purely because they're a pack - they follow each other - they do what they want to do. And I let them be dogs - if they wanna lay on the sofa, they lay on the sofa. If they wanna dig up the garden, they dig up the garden. I just let them be dogs!"

Becky claims she won't be adopting anymore dogs in the near future - well, with a £300 a month food bill, we think that's probably a good move!