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When delivery guy sees what's waiting for him at the door, he drops EVERYTHING and runs

Delivery man drops trousers running away from dog dog-wow
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A hilarious video of a petrified delivery driver running away from an uber-friendly dog has made the internet howl!

By Alice Lang , 31 May 2019

Zoe Keenan from Rossendale, Leicestershire, just wanted a normal, relaxing night in. You know - a cuddle with the dogs and an indulgent takeaway. Perfect! But what she actually got was very, very different...

The delivery driver was having a 'ruff' day...

According to The Daily Mail, the video was shared on social media by Jordan Young, Zoe's boyfriend. Well, to be fair to him, what else would you do with a video as hilarious as this?

And in the video, a delivery driver can be seen pulling up on the road in a large blue car. He gets out, grabs the delivery and knocks on the door. But as he waits, he hears a dog bark from inside the house - and that's exactly where it all started to go downhill...

...and then got attacked with canine love!

As soon as the front door opens, Bruno the super-sweet dog bounds out, ready to shower the delivery driver with bucketloads of love and affection.

Any dog-loving delivery driver would lap up the canine attention. But it seems that Mr delivery man isn't exactly fond of canines, as he can be seen sprinting for his life (yep, literally) down the road!

And in his startled flee, he ended up dropping but the takeway and his trousers to the floor. Yup, a little embarassing - but at least it's making us laugh!

So much for a relaxing night in with a pizza and the pup, right Zoe? Watch the hilarious video below.