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Woman rescues "cat" but is shocked when it turns out to be something very different

This was no ordinary cat cat-wow
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A good Samaritan had a real shock after the “chubby” cat she rescued turned out to be something a little more dangerous.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 31/05/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

The unnamed woman, from Richmond, VA, in the USA, was relaxing at home when she heard a strange screaming sound. She went out to her garden and found a large cat stuck in between the fencing.

A very unusual rescue

She managed to free the "cat" and took it back inside. She gave it some food and water and then set about finding its owner.

After taking a few pics, she posted a message on Craigslist. It read:

"FOUND cat last night was stuck in between my fence screaming its head off. I brought it inside because it looks too big and healthy for a stray and dogs here escape often and will eat cats that get out."

"It is very thick and has little stripes and spots on its legs and big white round spots on the back of its ears."

A few days later she received the first responses,  but they were very different from what she expected.

It turned out this rescue cat was no ordinary household kitty; it was actually a wild bobcat!

Bobcats are wild animals commonly found in North America. They survive off hunting rabbits, birds, rodents, and even the occasional deer!

The unnamed woman was understandably a bit embarrassed by her mistake. She said:

"I am not from America and have never heard of a bobcat, I thought all wildcats are much bigger than that!! I can not believe I brought it inside!"

This was no housecat

Bobcats are not particularly dangerous to humans, but they're more than capable of inflicting a few nasty scratches.

Thankfully, this lady didn't receive any injuries and she safely returned the animal back into the wild!