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See how one dog's story had the happiest of endings

Bobi has a new home! dog-sad
© Howl Of A Dog - Youtube

An animal rescue service tracked down the owner of a stray dog, but his response was something that nobody could have predicted.

By Ashley Murphy , 31 May 2019

Staff from Howl of a Dog spotted nine-year-old Bobi wandering the streets. He was scared, nervous, and completely lost.

A lost and scared dog

As they got closer, they noticed that Bobi had a bad limp and a nasty looking eye infection.

After coaxing the poor pooch back to the rescue centre, they scanned him for a microchip. Staff were delighted when they found one as it meant they could reunite Bobi with his loving owners.

However, when they contacted Bobi's family, they said they didn't want him anymore!

Bobi's new carers couldn't believe how anyone could turn their back on such a sweet, loving dog.

Bobi was heartbroken, but Howl for a Dog did everything possible to a make him feel loved again.

They treated his injuries and made sure he got a few extra strokes and cuddles.

The nine-year-old Golden Retriever cross was vaccinated, neutered, and fitted with a new microchip.

Despite his traumatic experience,  Bobi soon began showing his happy go lucky personality and loving nature.  The staff at Howl for a Dog were a 100% certain he'd make a great family pet, and it wasn't long before they were proved correct.

A happy ending for Bobi

Donny and Dawn, a dog-loving couple from a small town in Delaware, USA, fell in love with Bobi at first sight.

According to reports, the rescue dog is making the most of his new lease of life. He enjoys sleeping near the fireplace, playing with his new doggy brother and sister, and enjoys the odd tasty treat!

Bobi's story certainty took a sad turn, but we're pleased to say it had a very happy ending.