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Finn wows again at Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Final

German Shepherd Finn wows at Britains got Talent dog-happy
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Finn (and owner Dave), had already won the hearts of all Britain with his first act in BGT. So much so in fact, that even Simon Cowell ended up in tears. Back for the semi-finals, Finn certainly hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to charming the public.

By Justine Seraphin , 29 May 2019

Finn again did a little bit of mind-reading on the show. The four judges were asked to think of random numbers, words, and names – all of which Finn had guessed earlier that day. But the ultimate performance came after…

Seeing into the future

The judges were then asked to choose six random letters. Suddenly, the attention turned to 6 adorable German Shepherd puppies who entered the stage wearing coats. Amazingly, when the top layer of the coats was removed, they revealed the exact letters the judges had chosen, in the exact same order!

But even more touching, is the fact that when the pups were re-arranged, the letters spelled out the word ‘future’. Dave proudly announced these beautiful puppies were all in training to become the heroic police dogs of the future!

An emotional response

The performance definitely didn’t fail to impress. The amazing pups got a standing ovation, not only from the crowd, but from all four judges too! All were baffled at Finn’s mind-reading skills, but also in awe of the adorable puppies.

Simon could not hide his emotion: “A magic heroic dog and a magic heroic owner. I mean it was just fantastic.”

These dogs are certainly something special! We wish Dave and Finn the best in their continuing journey on Britain’s Got Talent!