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Woman arrested for prostitution, but Police are shocked for a whole other reason

Woman walking her dog in the night dog-wow
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When the Police saw the woman’s dog, they just couldn’t believe it…

By Justine Seraphin , 29 May 2019

It all took place about a week ago in Paris, France. A woman was arrested by Police for prostitution. The arrest went as smoothly as it could go, for the woman was very cooperative from the start.

The woman was not alone…

Despite her willingness to cooperate, the officers remained shocked. But not because of the woman; rather because of her little pooch!

Indeed, the woman had with her a tiny Chihuahua, and pleaded with Police, asking them if she could take the little dog with her. She had no one she could leave the dog with, and didn’t want to leave her out on her own to fend for herself.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day!

Of course, the officers didn’t mind her keeping the dog, but they couldn’t help but notice something quite extraordinary about the pooch. When they took a closer look at her, they noticed her ears were pierced and she was wearing tiny earrings!

The officers questioned the woman about it, but she simply answered that the dog had not suffered when her ears had been pierced. For her, this was absolutely normal, and it just made her pooch look even cuter.

The woman was kept at the station with her pierced pooch for a few hours before both were finally released. We’re pretty sure the officers won’t forget about this arrest any time soon!