Bride has the PERFECT idea for her bridesmaids' walk down the aisle

Wedding party with shelter dogs dog-happy © Sally Burky - Facebook

Hint: they definitely didn't get bouquets. They got dogs. And not just any dogs – they’re adoptable shelter pups. The best kind.

By Justine Seraphin

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Wedding season is upon us, and as you may be frantically looking around for last-minute ideas, here’s a great one for you: get dogs instead of bouquets.

Adoption fanatic

That’s what Sally Burky did at her wedding. Indeed, it seemed like an obvious choice for the bride and groom, both avid supporters of adoption: “Since we’ve been together, we have always fostered, taken in rescues, and spread the word of adoption,” she told People.


So, to spread the word about the importance of adoption, she contacted Haven of the Ozarks, an animal rescue she often donates to and visits. She asked them if she could borrow a few of their dogs for her bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with, rather than bouquets. And the result was an absolute success.

“It was incredible. I was already emotional from having our first look with my now husband, and then seeing the dogs being unloaded…I just couldn’t hold back the tears,” Burky explained.

“They were tears of happiness that they were here to be part of my day, and, in some way, I was a part of their day too. I wanted to show what sweet and well-behaved animals the Haven has to offer as companions for individuals and families.”


Carol Ann and her staff certainly go above and beyond! I can’t wait to get our pictures back. The venue alone will make...

Posted by Sally Burky on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A successful message

Many of the dogs that attended the wedding were elderly pooches who were having trouble getting adopted. Thanks to all the photos that were taken and shared, which portrayed all their bright personalities, most of these pups have now gone to their fur-ever homes.

In addition, Sally and her husband collected donations on their big day to help with spay/neuter and various medical costs at the shelter. The donations will also be used to purchase an adoption van! This way, it’ll be easier to transport pups to adoption events, and make it more likely for them to find a home!


thanks to all of our guests at the wedding and especially the folks who contributed to our dollar dance. Because of you...

Posted by Sally Burky on Sunday, May 19, 2019


Well done to this beautiful couple for making their big day even more special!

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