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The best day of their lives turned into a nightmare, thanks to the dog!

Married couple walk down the beach with their dog dog-wow
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It should’ve been the most beautiful day of their lives. Sarah-Lee and Thorsten had planned a gorgeous wedding on the Baltic Sea Beach. Everything was going according to plan, until tragedy hit and left everyone in tears. All because of one four-legged guest: their dog.

By Justine Seraphin , 28 May 2019

Weddings are the most important days of most people’s lives, so everything needs to run smoothly on the day of. But it was the complete opposite that happened on this day.

Wedding becomes a crime scene

Sarah-Lee and Thorsten Hencke met 10 years ago in a club in Luneburg. Since the couple both love the sea, the decision on their wedding location was easy: the Baltic Sea beach. The couple would face the ocean as they recited their vows, waves crashing and gulls singing in the background.

The day is finally here, and all the guests unite at the beach, including the couple’s little dog Pepe. Pepe has a very important job on this day, as he is the ring bearer. The mother of the bride is responsible for tying the rings onto the dog using a thick bow, but Pepe is responsible for the rest.

Pepe soon lost sight of his responsibilities and went to have a vigorous sniff-around. On his way back to the wedding venue, the mother of the bride came to a horrifying realisation! The bow she had tied was not tight enough. It had come loose, and the wedding rings had been lost somewhere on the beach.

Nowhere to be found

Guests began to search the sand frantically to find the two lost rings. But the time came to tie the knot, and they were nowhere to be found. So the best man and maid of honour lent their rings to the couple, as a backup for the ceremony’s sake.

Though distressed, the couple was able to put all these bad feelings aside and enjoy the day. The same cannot be said for the mother of the bride, who was heartbroken and blamed herself.

An unexpected hero

Rasul was working as a bartender on the day of the wedding. He had seen where little Pepe had gone to sniff around. So, once everyone was gone, he returned to the beach with his metal detector and began to search for the rings himself. And three days after they had been lost, they are finally found!

Man searches for rings with metal detector

A miracle that they hadn’t been washed away or snatched by any people or animals! Kind Rasul wanted to be sure the couple got their rings back before the honeymoon, so he drove the 150 km to Luneburg to personally drop them off. Hats off to this wonderful man!

Weddings rings in the sand