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Kittens found on hiking trail fall head over heels in love with their rescuer

Kitten found on a hiking trail are desparate for attention cat-sad
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Two hikers walking in the mountains had no idea what they were about to find. They were shocked to discover three tiny kittens pleading for help.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 28/05/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

Dean and Janis Smith, two Canadian walkers, followed a hiking trail on Bastion Mountain, British Columbia. On the way back to their car, they thought they spotted a skunk at the side of the road. They were astonished to find that this wasn’t a wild animal, but three tiny kittens, wandering alone.

Abandoned kittens found on hiking trail

As they approached the tiny cats, it was obvious to the hikers that their feline mum wasn’t around. Two of the kitties ran right up to them, meowing and looking for attention. The third kitten appeared to be more timid and kept his distance from them. Who in the world would abandon such small kittens in this remote location?

Rescuers take care of kittens

It was obvious to the hikers that they couldn’t leave the tiny kittens to fend for themselves on the mountain. They called a friend, Barbara Gosselin, of Shuswap Paws Rescue centre. Even though it was quite late at night, Barbara told the rescuers to bring the kittens to her. At the rescue centre, it was very clear that the abandoned cats hadn’t eaten for a while. They quickly munched up the food that was placed down for them.

Once their bellies were full, the kittens, who are all male, looked to their rescuers for snuggles and attention. The feline trio adopted Barbara’s husband, Dennis Gosselin, as their surrogate parent. They sleep on his shoulder, lick his ears and love nothing more than being petted and stroked by him, as they seek comfort.


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Rescued kittens cannot stop cuddling

Its obvious that these little kitties have been starved of love and attention after they were abandoned on the hiking trail. They very quickly settled in at their new foster home, where they adore being the centre of attention and of course cuddling into each other.

Klymit, Arkteryx and Klum, as the kittens have now been named, will remain with their foster carers until they are old enough to move onto permanent homes. Shuswap Paws Rescue centre are working with Critteraid Animal Sanctuary to find would-be adopters who can offer a loving home to one, or all three of these cute kittens.


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