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Sweet cat is banned from visiting sick patients in Bristol hospital

Cat lies beneath wet floor sign cat-wow
© The adventures of Kolo - Facebook

Kolo the cat was one of the favourite visitors at the Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Sadly, hospital directors aren’t so fond of him.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 27/05/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

This friendly tabby lives in a house right next to the hospital with his loving family. With the cat-flap installed in the door, the adventurous kitty is free to come and go as he pleases. And over the years, Kolo made Southmead Hospital his second home.

Hospital goer

Indeed, Kolo realised people really liked him in there. Everyone smiled at him and came up to pet and fuss over him. Why wouldn’t he go back every day? What a spoiled life he lived!


Kolo became so popular among the local community that his owners heard about his original escapades. They therefore decided to create a Facebook page for him, and encouraged people to post photos of their cat having fun in the hospital. After all, they wanted to see what their little furry friend was up to when he was out of the house!

“I’m pleased to hear I have brought so much joy to people who unfortunately have had to visit the hospital and will hopefully continue to do so,” read the charming post.

Puss gets the boot

Despite the popularity of the cat and his Facebook page (over 2,000 followers), Southmead Hospital is not happy with the cat’s presence. Certainly something to do with health and safety, which is understandable. Yet, Kolo brought such joy to patients, that is seems counter-intuitive to let him go.

“The cat is not welcome in our accident and emergency department and we will be stepping up our efforts to ensure it no longer comes into the building,” announced Helen Blanchard, Trust Nursing and Quality Director of North Bristol NHS.

Though the hospital stands firm on their stance, we are unsure whether they will actually succeed in keeping this sneaky kitty out:

"I had to go to Southmead A&E yesterday morning. I’m pleased to report that Kolo was sat chilling out on the reception desk, but ran off before I could take a picture. He’s a lovely boy,” wrote one Kolo fan.


Whatever happens, stay safe and happy little Kolo!