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An emotional plea reunites a frantic trucker with his co-pilot cat

Trucker reunited with his co-pilot cat cat-wow
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A trucker is reunited with his cat co-pilot after an emotional plea on a social media forum.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 28/05/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

Nick, a long-distance lorry driver working in Illinois, didn’t go anywhere without his cat companion, Waylon. This feline co-pilot enjoyed travelling in the cab with Nick, as he made his deliveries.

Nick, a veteran, was coping with emotional issues. Having Waylon, his beloved cat, ride along with him, certainly helped him to get through every day. During the evenings, while Nick took a rest from driving, the pair would settle down in the cab and watch movies together.


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Cat goes missing during a garage visit

As Nick was driving past Elgin, he spotted an issue with one of the mirrors on his truck. He pulled into a roadside garage, but the mechanics told him they couldn’t fix the problem until the following day.

Preparing to spend an evening relaxing in the truck cab with his cat, he was shocked to find that his kitty was nowhere to be seen. Beginning to panic, as he didn’t cope well when being alone, Nick began to call frantically for Waylon. After a frantic search of the cabin, just in case the cat was snoozing somewhere and hadn’t heard his call, Nick realised that his cat co-pilot was missing.


Thats @a_cat_named_waylon, co-pilot to a truck driver named Nick. When Nick was on his way past Elgin, Illinois he...

Posted by CV Magazine on Sunday, May 26, 2019

Trucker is distraught over missing cat

Nick spent the next 12 hours searching for his beloved pet, to no avail. He rattled his food can, called his name constantly and even tried to bait him with cat treats, which Waylon loved. Soon the trucker had to be on his way, realising that there wasn’t much hope of finding his pet.

In one last ditch attempt, he posted a pleading message on a trucker’s forum. He commented “I have to get back on the road now, so it’s out of my hands. I won’t give up hope. I know that he’ll remember me as long as he lives. I love you buddy. I hope I see you soon,” on the Trucker Cats, Reddit page.


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Will his plea have any positive results?

The trucker knew that there was probably no hope that he would ever see his co-pilot moggy again. Despite many consoling messages from members of the forum, Nick had to continue with his daily deliveries.

However, luck was on his side that day, as he took a call from a couple travelling through Elgin. They had spotted a cat in a bramble bush at the side of the road. They had been out walking and their torch had caught the light of the cat’s eyes. Could this really be Waylon? Nick could barely hope it was, but the description certainly fitted to his cat.

An emotional reunion between trucker and his pet cat

Even though he was now many miles from Elgin, the trucker re-routed and headed back. He couldn’t believe it and was overjoyed when he saw the cat actually was his pet. Their reunion was definitely an emotional meeting for both of them. It took Waylon around 24 hours to settle down and realise that he was back with his caring master.

However, very soon they were back on their travels together and off onto their next trucking adventure.


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