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People see two Pit Bulls strolling into a hospital and can’t believe what happens next

Pit Bulls stroll into hospital dog-happy
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Two Pit Bulls were caught on CCTV footage nonchalantly trotting into a hospital. Not a very common scene, to be sure.

By Justine Seraphin , 26 May 2019

The events took place at St Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital, in Pennsylvania. The two adorable pitties seemingly thought cruising into a human hospital unsupervised was totally normal.

On a mission to explore!

Of course, that’s not what the majority of people inside the hospital thought. In the video, you can, in fact, see most people staring at the dogs confusingly.

But the dogs don’t let the staring stop them. They continue to take their leisurely walk around the various halls and rooms, tongues lolling and tails wagging.

The dogs finally made a pit stop at the pharmacy. As the pitties took a break and caught their breath after their explorative parade, the pharmacists had enough time to call security.

Homeward bound

While they waited for the Police to arrive, staff at the hospital made sure the dogs were tended to, serving them fresh water and giving them lots of scratches. It was obvious these friendly dogs were not strays.

Indeed, when the Police picked them up, they already knew where to take them back to. The dogs had apparently escaped from their home, and their owner had been worried sick looking for them everywhere!

We are glad these two found their way back home. These beautiful pitties definitely put a smile on everyone’s face today!