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Before and after adoption photos show just what a little TLC can do!

Grey cat before and after adoption dog-cat-happy
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Kindness does not require effort. It may sometimes require some of our time or perhaps a little bit of money. But most of the time it requires us only to have the right mentality. If we can understand the pain or suffering of another living being and know right from wrong then we have what it takes to be kind. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/05/2019, 16:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

True, our kindness may not cure a condition straight away; but it will certainly help as a means to an end. 

Here are a few pictures that show how far a little bit of kindness really goes.



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The caption here talks about Goja the dog. Goja’s owner starved the dog and kept him in a cell. The animal was kept alive by a diet of scraps, rubbish and filth. It took just one person to spot Goja in this state to start the ball rolling. Goja has since been rehomed. 



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Bruno was just a young puppy when he arrived at this particular animal shelter. He was extremely emaciated and clearly nervous. His home was a concrete-lined cell. Bruno now has a new lease of life.  



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Igor wasn’t very well when he was adopted. The sickness that he presented in the shelter got worse as time passed. However, with some TLC from some new owners he made a fine recovery. Igor is now the healthiest he’s ever been. 



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Instances of starvation of dogs and cats are all too common. The Australian RSPCA reports a rise in such cases. It says the increase, 'can be partly put down to their [pets'] owners' issues with poverty, mental health and social isolation'.



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Helex was brought to a shelter covered in matted fur and suffering with a skin infection. His skin was infused with grass foxtails. The shelter worked tirelessly to cut back his fur and treat the worst of the dermal infection. This photograph celebrates Helex’s adoption in the Autumn of 2018. 

All it takes is a little TLC! Be kind to one another, and our animal friends of course!