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Cat abandoned by family asks neighbour for help

Close up of abandoned cat cat-happy
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A cat abandoned by its cruel owners was forced to wander the streets, beg for scraps of food and drink water from the gutter. If it wasn’t for the kindness shown to the cat by those who truly cared, Valentino would have died.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/05/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

A once confident domestic cat was abandoned by the very owners on whom it relied for its most basic needs. When the family who owned the ragdoll sold their house and moved away they didn’t think twice about leaving the cat outside the front door.

The lonely animal was forced into a feral existence. Endlessly, he roamed the streets in search of his next meal and a warm place to sleep at night. But it was the cat’s decision to head for a house only yards from his original home that may just have saved his life.

The cat wandered up to the house of a far kinder woman than he had known. And luckily the house was owned by a colleague of Debbie Harris, who loves to foster kitties.


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Debbie’s friend looked after the cat for some time. She began to nurse it back to full health, and helped it to regain its strength. However, she couldn't have adopted the cat even if she had wanted to because of her husband's allergies to cat fur. 

Debbie takes charge

Thus it was Debbie who took charge of the cat and brought him to stay with her at her sanctuary. 

Since bringing the cat to her home in February of this year Debbie has embraced Valentino with open arms. 'He is absolutely magnificent,' Debbie told LoveMeow. 'His temperament is very sweet and docile, and he is confidently walking around like he owns the place already.

'The regal cat is so pleased to have a roof over his head and warm laps to sit on. He is never far from his foster parents as he doesn't want to be alone any more.'

Debbie’s task now is to find a suitable family to whom the cat can go. 

'He is such a love bucket, a totally gentle giant. I named him Valentino since Valentine's Day is approaching (and he's such a lover),' Debbie added.


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