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Distressing: police hunt Bournemouth dog-beater after pub garden abuse video

Police are hunting this dog abuser - do you know him? dog-angry
© Dorset Police - Twitter

Horrible video footage of a Bournemouth man punching his dog and throwing it against a fence has sparked a manhunt in the county of Dorset.

By G. John Cole , 26 May 2019

CCTV footage from the Buffalo Bar in Bournemouth shows the dog run through the front terrace and into the pub, having apparently escaped its owner, a little before 7pm on April 14th.

A bystander follows and tries to catch the dog, who soon runs back into the yard for an innocent sniff around.

Twenty seconds after making its appearance, the dog, who appears to be a black Staffie-mix, is approached by a young man in a Nike beanie, blue hoodie, and jeans, carrying a lead. The man grabs the dog and rams its head into the iron bars of the fence, before hitting the wretched creature twice. He then rams the dog’s head into the fence one more time before carrying it away by its throat.

Although a large man who appears to be a security worker emerges from the pub with a sense of intention, the animal abuser is allowed to escape.

Throw away the key

Pub manager Simon Dawson was shocked when he saw the footage.

“I wasn't really sure what to make of it really,” the Metro reports him saying. “I was upstairs at the time and it wasn't until I saw the CCTV that I realised how bad it was.”

The police are now looking for the brute, and have released images of his mug in the hope that a dog-lover somewhere might recognize him so the dog can be rescued and the brute face justice.

"The footage of this incident is very disturbing,” said PC Emily Watkins of Dorset Police, “and we have made attempts to identify this man, however these have so far been unsuccessful.

“I am now issuing an image of the suspect in the hope that someone may recognise him.”

“Hopefully they find him,” continues Dawson, “because it was a horrible thing to do - I hate that kind of thing and hopefully he's caught.”

How to contact the police about the Dorset dog puncher

If you recognize the bully, please contact Dorset Police via, email, or call 101, quoting occurrence number 55190056299.

It’s also okay to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or at