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Dog leaps from caravan in high speed LA car chase

One human and two dogs were detained following a high-speed caravan chase in LA. dog-wow
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A high-speed caravan chase left six cars smashed and three people hospitalized in LA on Tuesday. But what about the dogs?

By G. John Cole , 26 May 2019

In scenes reminiscent of a prestige AMC crime drama, a so-called “RV” (recreation vehicle – a mobile home) careered across the roads of Santa Clarita, north of LA, at around 7pm on Tuesday evening.

Hitting speeds of up to 60mph, the caravan raced towards the San Fernando Valley, hotly-pursued by police and a television news helicopter.

But most dramatically, there were soon seen to be two helpless dogs on board the hell truck, desperately afraid and pleading for a pee break.

California by the tail

The driver, later identified as the Jim Thompsonishly-named Julie Ann Rainbird of Winnetka, is alleged to have been driving under the influence. As the vehicle ping-ponged between parked cars, palm trees, and so-called “sidewalks” (pavements), her terrified dog passengers appeared to grapple for the steering wheel before one of them leapt through the broken windscreen and bounced painfully along the road.

The second dog was restrained by the driver. The pair abandoned the vehicle and hot-footed it after the RV succumbed to the mighty grip of a Los Angeles palm tree, but were soon apprehended by the constabulary.

Lost dog highway

Rainbird now faces felony charges including animal cruelty and hit-and-run. The caravan’s owner claims the vehicle was stolen along with her identity in Granada Hills. The identity thief is further alleged to have bought a motorcycle with the stolen ID, although presumably it was dumped due to the lack of a side-car for the dogs.

Whether the tag-along hounds were the suspect’s accomplices or victims of circumstance is not known; neither do we know their names or true owners.

The important thing is that the mastiff-mix who leapt from the moving caravan survived with lacerations, soft tissue damage, and a fetching bandage on her paw.

“She has a rocky road for the next couple of weeks,” handsome veterinarian Dr. Hughes Sanders told CNN, “but we expect her to do well.”

Both dogs are now in the custody of Animal Control as authorities investigate the creatures’ true identities.