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Gina: the little dog whose tragic tale moved the world

Little dog treated for injuries dog-sad
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For weeks, this little dog’s life hung in the balance as the world held its breath. Today, we bring some sad news about the sweet little soul.

By Justine Seraphin , 27 May 2019

This story begins in mid-March. A passer-by was taking a walk in Volklingen, Germany, when she noticed a tiny neglected dog. Gina, as she was soon baptized, suffered from an abdominal pelvic fracture, rotting teeth, and heart problems.

Little Gina has a fighting spirit

Gina was in poor shape, but she was determined to live and fought as hard as she could to survive! In April, her rescuers announced a positive update on her condition. She had gotten surgery for her teeth, and was recovering slowly but surely, gaining weight every day.

The animal welfare group taking care of her issued a € 1,000 reward for anyone who could find the person who treated the poor animal in such a horrific way. Of course, social media immediately got on the case, sharing Gina’s story and eagerly searching for information on the perpetrator.

Things were looking up for Gina. Since her operation, she was finally able to eat food painlessly. However, veterinarians advised against the abdominal surgery. Although Gina needed her fracture fixed, the operation seemed too risky. Gina would simply have to remain under intensive care for the rest of her life, despite her great fighter spirit.

A journey to the heavens

Sadly, despite the ever-improving updates on her health, the shelter announced on the 21st of May that Gina had to be put to sleep.

“Whenever we think of you, sunbeams fall into our souls. Our hearts hold you captive, as if you never left. With a heavy heart, we have decided to let you travel to the angels.”

Gina had a fast-growing tumour in her jaw, which caused her bloodwork to rapidly get worse. Internal bleeding started to set in and despite all the vet team’s effort, it could not be stopped.

Rest in peace, sweet girl, and thank you to the incredible team who made her last few days special!


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Posted by Tierschutzverein Völklingen e.V. on Tuesday, May 21, 2019