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The search is on for the dog swept away by violent river currents

Dog being taken away by river current dog-sad
© Hand Und Pfote Lohfelden E.V. - Facebook

Large parts of Germany are currently suffering from violent thunderstorms. These storms have provoked significant floods all over the country, to the detriment of homes, people, and their pets.

By Justine Seraphin , 24 May 2019

A particularly shocking event occurred in the town of Hesse.

A frightening scene

A woman was, despite the terrible floods, taking her dog out for a walk (rain or shine, right?). As she crosses a bridge with her beloved pooch, she notices something floating at the surface of the water in the distance.

The dark form was being taken by the current at top speed and was coming right at the bridge. The woman, unsure of what was happening, decided to film the scene. The usually calm waters of the Losse river were raging below her, taking everything in its path. As the dark form got closer to the bridge, the woman realised it was a helpless dog, paddling for his life, unable to get to shore.

A national call for help

The video was posted on social media and instantly went viral. The animal welfare association Hand Und Pfote Lohfelden E.V. is asking everyone to keep an eye out for a stranded dog. Their hope is the animal is still alive, and once located, will be able to receive all the medical care and attention it needs.

Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, the animal welfare group is not able to go out into the field and search for the dog themselves. The same goes for the police and firefighters of the area. People all over Germany are now relying solely on the inhabitants of the affected area to find and save this poor dog.

So far, no-one has come forward to say the dog in the video belongs to them. It is unclear whether this dog is a pet or a stray, and whether it is even still alive. We hope the animal is out there somewhere, and can be rescued very soon.


update : es ist nicht der Hund der gefunden wurde !!!! Somit ist der Hund noch unbekannt und wohl noch nicht wieder zuhause !!! Sachdienliche Hinweise bitte über pn an uns oder per Handy an unsere Carmen Nachtrag : Wer von euch die Möglichkeit hat nach dem Hund zu schauen, möchte dieses bitte tun . Polizei und Feuerwehr sind im Einsatz und können keinen Wagen dafür abstellen . Liebe hup Familie . Gerade hat uns eine besorgte Anwohnerin ,einen in der Losse treibenden Hund gemeldet . ( Richtung Leipziger Straße ) Durch das Hochwasser in Lohfelden kommen wir nicht Richtung Eichwald um dem Hund zu bergen . Ob er noch lebt ist nicht gewiss . Vielleicht vermisst jemand sein geliebtes Tier oder hat ihn gefunden oder konnte ihn bereits aus dem Wasser ziehen . Standort der Sichtung unten in den Kommentaren. In beiden Fällen bitten wir um Nachricht. Am besten per Handy unter der Rufnummer 0172/7159889 .

Posted by Hand und Pfote Lohfelden e.V. on Tuesday, May 21, 2019