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Video shows dog amazing passers-by with her performance

this amazing duo have gone viral dog-wow
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One little pomeranian took her obedience training to a new level after playing dead for its street artist owner.

By Ashley Murphy , 24 May 2019

Covered in gold clothes and matching body paint, the street artist was performing his living statue routine in Ceará, Brazil.

An amazing double-act

It's the kind of thing you see in cities all across the world, but passers-by were amazed when they saw a little pooch get in on the act!

Gleno Rodrigues saw the performance live.  She said:

"The dog looked like a little statue. He was perfectly still. It was so sweet, I almost cried. It still amazes me how dogs can be so smart. I think that the two of them have an amazing partnership."


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A video posted on Youtube shows the dog remaining perfectly still on command. The Pomeranian even kept its eyes closed!

Then,  when her partner plants a kiss on her forehead, the furry ball of cuteness springs into life. I wonder how many treats it took before she picked up that trick!

The footage soon went viral, receiving 7 million hits on Facebook and another 5 million on Twitter.


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Local media sources identified the street artist as Yorge Luís Ruiz,  a Venezuelan national who's been performing around Brazil for the last three years.

We can also confirm the dog's identity. The little cutie is called Jaspe.

This dog is a natural

Yorge has received some criticism from people worried about the dog's welfare,  but Yorge has reassured everyone that Jaspe loves her job.

"It is sad when one person speaks of the other without knowing," said Yorge. "But everything I do with my puppy is natural, all she does is because I’ve gotten her used to it since she was little."

 And it certainly shows! Jaspe is a natural performer, and we're sure she loves all the attention!