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Oh! we do like to be beside the seaside – but is your dog welcome on the beach too?

Milford on Sea named as one of most dog-friendly beaches in the UK dog-happy
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The beach at Milford on Sea has been nominated as one of the most dog-friendly coastal locations.

By Dawn Parrish , 24 May 2019

Its no wonder that our dogs love going to the beach, with endless waves for running through and miles of sandy beaches to explore. The UK has many stunning beach locations, but not all of them are dog friendly.

Recent study names Milford on Sea in the top six of the best UK beaches

A survey carried out among 1000 dog lovers reported the best dog-friendly coastlines, with Milford on Sea featuring high in the results. As more pet lovers take their dogs on holiday with them when taking a staycation in the UK, it’s important that they can take them for walks and visits to the beach too.

This stony beach offers brilliant dog walks to nearby Hurst Castle with cafes and ice cream kiosks along the route. There are many other splendid dog walks too at the nearby nature reserve.


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Planning a visit to the beach

Every year, many thousands of dog lovers flock to the UK’s resorts to spend time with their pets. A day at the beach can be great fun, not only for humans but also our dogs, too. If you’re considering a trip to the beach, no matter what time of the year, follow our top tips to make sure that your dog is safe and that you all have a fantastic time.

Tip no 1Do your research before you set out for the day. Many UK beaches are not dog-friendly while others have areas set aside specifically for canine use. You will probably have to keep your dog on a lead too, so check out any signs as you approach the sands.

Tip no 2Can your dog actually swim? It may seem an obvious question, but lots of dog owners wrongly assume that their pets are good swimmers. Even though your dog seems happy to paddle in the waves, remember that tidal currents can easily catch him off guard.

Tip no 3Protect your dog at the beach. A dog can burn when exposed to strong sunshine, so it’s important to use cream protection on their sensitive, exposed parts, like his nose, tips of ears and tummy. Keep a look out for pieces of metal or glass that might be hidden in the sand. You don’t want to end up at the emergency room with a dog and a cut paw pad.


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Tip no 4Be a responsible dog owner. Not every visitor to the beach will love dogs so its important to keep your pet under your control. Be aware of any signs stating byelaws regarding dogs on the sand and always remember to pick up your dog’s poop.

Milford on Sea is only one of the fantastic beaches in the UK that allow our dogs to visit too. Its time to discover some of the others this summer. Equipped with adequate preparation, knowledge and common sense, get to the beach and have a blast with your dog!


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