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UK’s unluckiest dog FINALLY gets his happy ending

UK's unluckiest dog finds a forever home dog-happy
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How amazing that the UK’s unluckiest dog now has a new home after almost 6 years in an animal shelter!

By Dawn Parrish , 24 May 2019

Star, a 7-year-old Staffie dog was discovered by police behind a derelict building in Edinburgh, in July 2013. When he was rescued, he was taken to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, where unhappily, he’s lived ever since!

UK’s unluckiest dog captures the nation’s heart

When Star was first found, he was in a very poor condition. He was underweight and showed obvious signs of neglect. When his story was first released, many people came forward, but no one could offer him a permanent home. Of course, over time, he made a good recovery even though he had such a devastating and cruel start to his life.


Star light, Star bright, First Star we see tonight, We wish may, Wish we might, Have the wish we wish...

Posted by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home on Friday, February 22, 2019

Staffie dog finds his forever home at last

The plight of this unhappy dog caught the attention of Graeme Webb, a photographer, from Hawick in Scotland.

He just couldn’t understand how Star still hadn’t found his forever home, even after many thousands of views and comments on the social media posts that related his searching for a new owner. Graeme visited the animal shelter on several occasions, to get to know the Staffie dog. Staff agreed that they were a perfect match, and he was allowed to take Star home with him.

Star settles into his new home

Of course, once the rescue dog arrived at Graeme’s home, it took him a while to adjust to his new surroundings. The dog enjoys sleeping right next to his new owner and he loves nothing more than cuddles and snuggling up to his master on the sofa. While Star gets rather stressed around other canines, as long as he’s not in direct contact with any other pooches, he’s contented and settled.

It’s a happy ending for the UK’s unluckiest dog, now he’s eventually found his forever home. Staff at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home even threw a celebration party to commemorate Star’s last day as a rescue dog. The long wait has certainly been worthwhile.