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Puppy’s incredible reaction to being rescued from the motorway is caught on tape

Puppy is rescued from the motorway dog-happy
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A Maremma Sheepdog puppy was recently abandoned in the middle of a highway. He would’ve most certainly died, crushed by an incoming vehicle, if two kind-hearted drivers hadn’t stopped to pick him up. The puppy’s reaction to being rescued is truly heart-warming.

By Justine Seraphin , 22 May 2019

The scene took place in Italy, on the E45 highway. Two men were driving at full speed when they saw a little white furball in the distance.

Sensational rescue

They knew it couldn’t be a wild animal just crossing the road, so they slowed down as they got closer. And when they realised what it was, they knew they had to try saving him!

Although it is extremely dangerous to stop the car in the middle of a motorway, these two brave men risked their lives to save the puppy’s. And the puppy showed them just how grateful he was. The men didn’t even have to step out of their car to catch the sweet pup, he ran straight to them, and hopped into the car without a moment of hesitation. The poor puppy had clearly been waiting for a miracle.

As the men drove on with their little polar bear in hand, they discovered the pup was just as cuddly as he was cute. He nuzzled up close to his rescuers and enjoyed the new warmth and scratches he was receiving.

Rescued and adopted in one go

The man decided to meet up with a veterinarian friend of his to find out whether the puppy was micro-chipped. The friends therefore met up at a local bar that evening, and sadly, discovered that the puppy was not micro-chipped.

Luckily, the owner of the bar noticed them and asked them what was going on. When she found out the puppy needed a home, she immediately offered to take him in. She explained that her own Maremma Sheepdog puppy had been stolen from her just a few days before, and that she probably needed this poor abandoned pup even more than he needed her.

It was this little pup’s lucky day! Between getting saved from the dangers of the road and getting adopted, the white cotton ball now has a bright future ahead!

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