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Chance to participate in amazing new study, set to uncover your dogs secret

Get your dog involved in the study dog-wow
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The Dogs Trust is looking for a group of furry volunteers for a 'once in a lifetime study.'

By Ashley Murphy , 23 May 2019

Generation Pup will track puppies from their first months to their later doggy years to see how early experience and environment impact personality, behavioural issues, and long-term health.

What makes your pup tick?

Owners who put their pooches forward will be asked to keep a record of the development of their pet, noting things like personality changes, training methods, and diet.

The study aims to discover what causes the stark differences between personality types. For example, why are some dogs super friendly while others tend to be more nervous and shy? How come some dogs are more scared of fireworks than others? And where do those really weird habits, like eating their own poo, actually come from?

Among its many other objectives, the UK's leading dog charity is hoping to shine some more light on one of our most important questions - nature or nurture?

Dr Rachel Casey is the Dogs Trust Director of Canine Behaviour and Research. She said:

“Generation Pup is the first study of this nature and breadth, enabling us to gain multiple new insights and understanding about our canine companions."

Rachel continued:

"We are tracking each puppy’s early experiences – from the age they joined the family and their first encounters, such as travelling in a car and meeting other dogs, to how they respond to new things they come across, what they eat, how far they walk, and potentially even whether characteristics such as being left or right ‘pawed’ influence behaviour."

How to get involved

Generation Pup is looking for all different types of breeds and mixed breeds from anywhere in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, although they must be registered for the study before 16 weeks of age.

If you and your baby pooch would like to be a part of this unique opportunity, then visit the Generation Pup website for more info.