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Woman films a dog trying to ring the doorbell, and realises she needs to call the police

Alligator tries to ring the doorbell dog-wow
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Dogs are clever, don’t we know it! They have their ways of telling us what they want – when their water bowl needs filling, when they want to go outside, and especially when they want to come back inside.

By Justine Seraphin , 22 May 2019

This woman was strolling along a pathway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when she believed she was witnessing such a scene. From afar, it looked like a dog was trying to signal his desire to go back inside his house by ringing the doorbell.

A polite housecall

This area of South Carolina is very residential, and many families own cats and dogs. So it didn’t really surprise Karen Alfano when she saw a dog hanging out in the front yard of the house.

What made her stop and start filming is that the dog had apparently learned what doorbells were used for. In an attempt to get into the house, the dog tried ringing it.

Unexpected houseguest

But as Karen ventured closer to the animal, she stopped straight in her tracks. The dog had an unusually long tail, sharp claws, and scaly skin…

In horror, she realised this was no dog. It was an alligator!

As it turns out, the alligator was almost 2 metres in length! His pointy claws were leaving considerable marks on the door he was scratching at. This gator was certainly determined to get inside!

Although the scene was quite comical, and alligators quite common in the area, Karen still had to call for help. The authorities soon showed up, and removed the animal from the property.

No harm, no foul for this polite southern gentleman!