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Emotional video shows severely burned dog reuniting with the man who saved his life

Severely burned dog meets up with vet who saved his life dog-happy
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A dog badly burned in a bush fire is reunited with the vet who helped to save his life. His crazy, devoted reaction is just priceless to see.

By Dawn Parrish , 22 May 2019

Around two years ago, firefighters were called to a bush fire in West Palm Beach, Florida. When they arrived at the scene, they were distressed to discover a guard dog chained to a tree, while the fire ravaged around him. Captain Gregg Gordon was one of the Fire Rescue Team who attended the emergency call that day. They were astonished to find the poor dog with terrible burns and howling with pain.

Firefighters release the burned dog

Once the dog was released from his shackle, he was rushed for urgent treatment to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Speciality Centre (JPESC). The injured dog was given the name “Smokey”, by the firefighters who rescued him.

Severely burned dog receives life-saving treatment

Once at the vet’s surgery, the wounded dog was treated as a priority. The vet, Dr Latimer, examined Smokey and found that the dog’s body and rear legs had suffered terrible burns. Despite his horrendous injuries, and needing multiple blood transfusions, daily baths, and dressings being changed, Smokey did begin to show signs of recovery.

When the burned dog first arrived at JPESC, he was very timid and frightened of everyone, with just reason. However, after many weeks of treatment and affection from the vet and all the other staff, Smokey gradually became more comfortable around everyone.

Injured pup goes to his new foster home

Captain Gordon, who had been involved with the initial rescue of the burned dog, decided to help by fostering the pup, while he recovered from his terrible injuries.

On a return visit to the vet’s surgery, it was very clear that Smokey recognised Dr Latimer, who had helped to save his life. Smokey jumped right up at the vet and hugged him as if to say thanks for helping him. With his tail wagging madly, the happy dog smothers the vet in kisses.

Smokey, the burned dog has now been adopted

One of the other vets at JPESC knew about Smokey’s story and his amazing recovery. She fell in love with this adorable dog and made the decision to adopt him, giving him the new name of Fen. This lucky dog will never forget his friend,  Dr Latimer, who saved his life and helped him at a time when he needed medical care and special attention.