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French Bulldog stuns everyone in the middle of a football game

French bulldog dribbles the ball in football game dog-wow
© Ronan McGreevy - Twitter

Cookie, the French Bulldog, invades the pitch and dominates the football game. This dog certainly has impressive football skills.

By Dawn Parrish , 22 May 2019

Ronan McGreevy, a journalist, was kicking a ball around with Leo, his son and some young friends, on a football pitch in Inchicore, Dublin. He certainly didn’t expect the French Bulldog to dash onto the pitch and take control of the football.

Cookie steals the limelight

With skills similar to Messi, the world-famous footballer, the French Bulldog dominated the match, as she began to weave through the legs of the defenders, dribbling the football as she ran. It was rather strange to think that Cookie understood the rules of the game of football, but she certainly didn’t hold back. As she manoeuvred along the pitch with speed, driving the football through the legs of a defender using tactical skills, the other players were gob smacked!

French Bulldog exhibits incredible ball control

Ronan captured a video of the dog on his camera, as she shows the kids how to play football. Cookie ran among the team, chasing the ball, with the children shouting, “she’s trying to score a goal”!  The journalist  posted the tweet with the caption “We were playing football in a playground yesterday until Cookie, the Messi of dogs, turned up…”

Once the video was posted on social media, many football fans commented on the dog’s amazing skills. Someone commented that Cookie was ducking and diving through the defender’s legs, carrying out a football move known as a 'nutmeg'.

This French Bulldog certainly shows this football team how to improve their skills!