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Chick tries to share dog's food and his reaction shocks everyone

Dog shares food with chick dog-wow
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A dog and a chick might seem like the most unlikely of companionships, but this loving duo has well and truly defied the odds…

By Alice Lang , 20 May 2019

Can a strong, medium-sized dog be friends with the tiniest of chicks you’ve ever seen?

It seems a little scary - after all, it’d take just one wrong step from the dog for the chick to get hurt.

But a viral video has proved just how sweet, protective and selfless dogs can be to creatures of all shapes and sizes.

A cracking friendship

In the video, a 4-year-old dog called Eto, from Thailand, is enjoying his lunch-time meal of freshly cooked rice. Suddenly, a teeny tiny chick toddles along in search of something to fill its tummy.

Some dogs can be possessive over food, so the chick was definitely treading on uncertain territory. But instead of getting angry, impatient or trying to scare off the innocent chick, Eto simply gives it a quick sniff and moves up to share his food.

The ultimate generosity

By watching the video, you’ll see just how selfless and generous this adorable dog is. After all, it’s his lunch - but he seems completely unfazed at letting his new chick friend have a good ol’ gobble, too.

We love nothing more than seeing two animals of different species buddy up like this - it’s totally magical!

Watch the sweet video below. The only other thing we have to say is... we’re really glad the doggo wasn’t having chicken for lunch!

Dog Shares Food With Chick

Dog shares his lunch with a tiny chick in a sweet show of friendship ?

Posted by Newsflare on Tuesday, March 12, 2019