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Man finds a ‘puppy’ in his backyard, quickly realises there’s a big problem

Bear cub found in a backyard dog-wow
© FOUR PAWS International - Youtube

Today, this little guy needs more help than ever.

By Justine Seraphin , 20 May 2019

It all began in February, when a man discovered a little ball of brown fluff in the back of his garden. Immediately, the man assumes the poor little animal is a puppy who had lost its mother, and was in need of rescuing.

A strange-looking puppy

But when the man approaches the little bundle, he notices a few details that make him wonder whether he’s assumed correctly. The ‘puppy’ was making strange sounds, and had REALLY long, sharp, claws. So the man took a closer look, and to his shock, realised the little fluff ball was a baby bear!

The man therefore decided to call local authorities for help. When the authorities came to pick the little bear up, they assured the man that they would send the animal to a rehabilitation centre and eventually return him to the wild. Sadly, it seems this is not their plan at all.

Animal cruelty at its worst

The authorities of the National Park SHARRI decided that the wild animal be kept in the care of their rangers, rather than be sent to an expert bear sanctuary. These rangers are not equipped to care for such an animal, and are currently keeping the poor bear cub in a tiny wooden box, in the cellar of one of their houses.

The cub is staying in this tiny space for hours on end, but if he survives this terrible ordeal, he will eventually outgrow the box – and who knows what will happen to him then.

Four Paws International is asking people to sign a petition to get the bear cub out of the rangers’ hands and into the expert care of their Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. What they want more than anything is for the little grizzly to be healthy, and for him to be able to grow and evolve in an environment that is suitable to him. 

He’s not a puppy after all, but his well-being is just as important. You can sign the petition here.