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Mailman notices something on the side of the road that breaks his heart

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Luckily for Sloan, Nate was in the right place at the right time.

By Justine Seraphin , 21 May 2019

It all began in the middle of winter, on a cold morning of the 25th of February in Kansas City. It was just another normal day at work for Nate, who was out and about distributing mail. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he sees something that compels him to stop.

A much-needed rescue

When he got closer, he realised what he was looking at. He realised it was an older dog, particularly skinny and visibly weak. The poor dog could hardly stand. Nate knew he had to do something. It was-20 degrees, and he knew the dog would not survive if he left him there.

Almost completely blind and deaf, the poor dog was helpless, but quickly trusted Nate anyway. Nate put the sickly dog in his truck, and drove him to the nearest vet clinic he could find. The dog was then quickly transferred to the KC Pet Project, where he would receive all the appropriate care.


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Reunited fur-ever

Sloan was quickly placed into a loving foster family who started him on a special diet, and gave him the medication he needed to regain his health. Despite his age, Sloan fought for his life, and with a lot of TLC from his foster family, he walked steadily on the road to recovery. Though Nate knew the dog he had rescued was now in good hands, he couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Nate therefore decided to place an early bird adoption hold on the 12-year-old dog. And when Sloan was finally healthy again, Nate and he were reunited. The love and trust between them was apparent, and the shelter had no doubt that Sloan was going to the right home.


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Posted by KC Pet Project on Thursday, March 28, 2019

It seems like these two were meant to be together. Thank you Nate, for your love and care towards this dog. You are a wonderful human being!