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Seven months after his dog is stolen, owner discovers a BIG surprise at local shelter

Pitbull reunites with owner dog-happy
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Losing a furry friend is never easy. Whether they’ve passed on, gotten lost, or even stolen - as soon as they are gone, a huge part of us is missing. But sometimes, luck is on our side, and this was certainly the case for this man.

By Justine Seraphin , 19 May 2019

MaryJane, as she is affectionately named, was stolen from her dog dad one day, in Florida. Though he did everything he could to find his beloved dog, his efforts were all in vain. Days turned into weeks, and then into months, and the dog was still nowhere to be found.

Accepting a hard truth

Her dad finally accepted that she was gone forever. After all, it had been 7 months already.

But little did he know that just a few miles away from his home, a small group of volunteers known as Collier DAS Dogs had found a Pitbull girl roaming the streets. They approached the friendly dog and quickly took her to a nearby shelter.

Though the dog was not micro-chipped, volunteers at the shelter suspected she must belong to someone, since she was so friendly and loving.

A moving reunion

So the organisation went out of their way to reunite the pooch with her family: they posted pictures of the lovely dog on Facebook, and asked followers to share, Share, SHARE! Social media worked its magic, as always, and soon, pictures of MaryJane, the lovely girl he thought he had lost forever, showed up on her owner’s screen.

MaryJane’s dad couldn’t believe it. He made his way to the shelter as soon as he could, impatient to reunite with his beloved pet.

And when MaryJane saw her dad again, after 7 months apart, there was no question that she was home. The video speaks for itself. Tears of joy guaranteed.


"CHLOE" was stolen 7 months ago. Recently DAS found her roaming the streets and took her to the shelter. Thanks to YOUR sharing of her videos, her owner was made aware that his beloved dog was safe! Watch as MARYJANE (her real name) sees her daddy after 7 months! #collierDAS

Posted by Collier DAS Dogs -by volunteers on Tuesday, March 22, 2016