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Stray dogs stand in the way of traffic, driver moved to tears when he realises why

Stray dogs stand in the middle of traffic dog-sad
© Ewan Hayward - Youtube

The events took place in China, where an accident occurred on a road of the little town of Lanzhou.

By Justine Seraphin , 19 May 2019

Unfortunately, a little stray dog had been run over by a car as he tried to cross the road. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in China, where stray dogs freely roam the streets. So people weren’t all that surprised when they saw a little dog lying lifeless on the ground. What profoundly moved the entire world is what happened next.

Doggy barricade

Shortly after the accident had occurred, four other stray dogs came to surround the deceased animal. The dogs were sitting right in the middle of the road, with traffic coming and going around them constantly, but they did not budge.

Drivers did their best to avoid the little roadblock the dogs had formed around their friend, and though cars drove very close to them, the loyal canines still did not budge.

One of the drivers noticed the scene, stopped, and started filming. In the video, you can see the dogs trying to wake their friend, encouraging him to stand again, visibly not understanding that it was already too late…

Friends forever…

Were they staying close to their friend to protect him from the cars coming straight at them?

Because they were sad, and grieving? It’s entirely possible, as studies have suggested in the past. Indeed, there have been many reports of dogs and cats feeling stressed and lethargic after the loss of a close animal friend.

The video below is extremely emotional. Our hearts go out to this poor little dog and the strays who lost a dear friend.