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Rescuers cut dog out of tar pit he was stuck in to save his life

Small dog lying on floor of vet's surgery dog-happy
© Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje - Facebook

A dog found immersed in sticky tar is safe after the gallant efforts of a local rescue charity worker and emergency services.

By Nick Whittle , 19 May 2019

Joanna Godlewska, from the Niczyje Animal Foundation received a call at the beginning of this week (w/c 13/05/19) from a member of the public claiming to have found a dog drowning in tar.

Immediately, Ms Godlewska and her team left their HQ in Suwałki, Poland to attend to the call. They soon came upon a heartbreaking scene.

The dog was lying on its side glued to a large puddle of thick asphalt. It could only just lift its head to breathe and to cry out. It was only the effort of the dog to lift its head and bark that saved its life.

Workers on a nearby construction site heard the dog’s call for help and went to investigate, according to Andrea Powell writing for

Time was running out

A local fire team was already on the scene cutting away at the dog’s fur in order to free it. Godlewska aided the rescue and gently removed the dog from the tar. Rescuers then doused the dog in oil to reduce the stickiness of the tar.

Powell reports that the dog was then, ‘brought to a vet clinic to be treated for exhaustion and for a complete examination. Nearly 100 ticks were found and removed from his body.’

The dog remains in the care of a shelter in Warsaw. It has by all accounts fully recovered after being treated for shock and for minor wounds to its body.

Named Farcik (Polish for ‘luck’) the dog has since been rehomed, according to an announcement posted to Facebook by the shelter today (1705/19).

In December 2018 a small puppy was found in a dumpster in Baltimore, Maryland. It was thought the puppy was thrown into the dumpster as an unwanted Christmas present.

It is unclear how Farcik ended up in the tar. It is likely he was a stray that became the unfortunate victim of circumstance.