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Cat is tech savvy, uses this skill to win something very special for her Mum

Cat sleeps on laptop keyboard cat-happy
© Jessica Schleider - Facebook

Mochi has an obsession with screens, like most kids these generation do (fur ones included). But Mum Jessica Schleider would’ve never guessed what Mochi was actually capable of doing when left to her own devices with a computer.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 19/05/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

It’s not unusual for cats to like our computers. Firstly, playing with or sitting on a keyboard is great fun, because it distracts humans from their work and re-focuses their attention on the feline, which is really all they should be doing. Plus, computers are warm, and no cat can ignore the gentle heat emanating from the bright screens.

Nerdy Mochi loves computers

But no matter how popular technology is amongst our cats, Mochi still is considered slightly over-obsessed. The cat was originally found as a stray in a UPS truck, and was adopted by his Mum and Dad when they were still completing graduate degrees.

“She was enthralled with my laptop from the start,” Schleider told the Dodo. “I think she visited multiple websites over the course of this particular nap.”

Busy feline gets to work

Mochi’s Mum is now an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University, and as such, needs to apply for funding to ensure she can carry out the research necessary for her dissertations. She was in fact applying for a $100,00 grant the day she decided to go take a walk with her dog – leaving her feline friend in the home alone.

Schleider was obviously a little nervous about applying for the grant, and wanted to clear her head before reviewing it one last time and sending it over. She should’ve been more careful…

When she returned, she noticed the cat had been at it again, and this time, she hadn’t just checked the new H&M collection or watched a couple of Friends episodes on Netflix.

Oh no, Mochi had pressed submit! The grant application was gone! “I had a minor panic attack,” Schleider admitted. There was no way for her to review it now, all she could do was wait.

Thankfully Mochi’s Mum got the grant, even if she wasn’t technically the one who sent it. We trust that Mochi had a look at it before sending it over.

Good girl Mochi!