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Pete Doherty shocks Paris whilst walking his two Siberian Huskies

Doherty with Huskies earlier this month. dog-sad
© Pete Doherty - Instagram

Grotesque pop star Pete Doherty has been spotted wandering bare-chested through the rail station of Gare du Nord in Paris, France, with his canine entourage: two Siberian huskies.

By G. John Cole , 18 May 2019

The former Babyshambles singer looked typically self-satisfied as he emulated the look of privileged white men of yesteryear, including Lord Byron and Mr Darcy, in red and gold military braces and an open white shirt.

No Jerome Flynn

It is not known if Doherty acquired the dogs after watching Game Of Thrones – a trend that the altogether more wholesome male role model and sex symbol Jerome Flynn has recently warned against. Flynn (Paddy Garvey in Soldier, Soldier) made a YouTube statement drawing attention to the plight of dogs bought as ersatz direwolves.

Many of the dogs end up abandoned, while others are unsuitably cared for and mis-trained – including, it seems, Mr Doherty’s dogs, who were accused of killing a neighbour’s cat late last year. This is a human (and cat) problem – not the fault of dogs.

Doherty has done time for stealing from a friend and was pictured allegedly giving his cat a crack pipe a few years back. He has been plagued by addiction and an overwhelming sense of privilege. If addiction is an illness, that doesn’t make it any easier to see two such strong, powerful dogs in the hands of someone with a long history of highly dangerous and destructive behaviour. Perhaps a smaller dog or hamster would make a more appropriate emotional support animal.

The hedgehog and the damage done

Meanwhile, the animal kingdom appears to be taking its revenge after Doherty was infected by a hedgehog spike last month. He missed a radio appearance as he recovered from the wound – incurred while trying to separate the little beast from a tussle with those same adorable huskies.

The little prick will ultimately be consigned to history as a minor annoyance. The hedgehog was not available for comment.


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